• Corporate site This is a website of the most popular and one of the largest residential complexes in Ukraine called Comfort Town.
    Comfort Town
    Comfort Town
    Features of this project

    This is an adaptive corporate website with lots of interactive elements and photos. The site has a user-friendly directory of apartments layout, Infrastructure Section, developed on the basis of Google maps.

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    Corporate site Corporate site of Dolina company from agricultural plant of Ukraine. The site offers information about company’s operations, its commodities, achievements and scientific studies.
    Features of this project

    The possibility of hosting of unlimited information content and images, commodity catalogue, the possibility to leave comments about commodities, subscription and newsletter.

  • E-commerce Online store of global brand Lacoste. The online store works in a team with accountable programme. Consequently, it contains up-to-date information about commodities, their colours, sizes, prices.
    Features of this project

    explicit commodities catalogue, search, selection of colours and sizes, the possibility of online payment and online purchase, the possibility to add text information.

  • E-commerce Online store of the Naturalika Group company. The company is a distributor of a famous Polish brand of natural cosmetics Organic. The site offers cosmetics catalogue.
    Features of this project

    The possibility to add unlimited information content, commodity catalogue, integration with company’s accounting system to unload commodities online, wastebasket, ordering, log in and standing customer’s personal account, blog and image galleries.

  • Corporate site Corporate site of a large holding of Eastern Europe. Designed by the rules for corporate sites, this project includes detailed information about business areas and holding’s companies.
    Smart Holding
    Smart Holding
    Features of this project

    Adaptive corporate site; the possibility to add unlimited information content, images, newsletter. This site is designed on the principle of web cluster.

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    Online service Portal in coordination with Forex Exchange. This is the portal about everything related to Forex. The portal contains gigabytes of information, brokers’ catalogue, library, entire social network.
    Features of this project

    The possibility to add unlimited information content, forum, blogs, internal messages, log in, personal accounts, different levels of access for different user categories. The portal is adaptive and perfectly designed for the use on mobile devices and tablets.

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